According to the Urban Dictionary:  Mamí Is Spanish slang for baby or sexy.  A friendly spicy, familiar and complementary, way for a man in particular to let a woman know how much he likes her.

But now a days Mami can be used by any one. here are some Mami Examples
{Mami example 1}
Guy:How u doin mami?___how u doin honey
Girl:Im good

{Example 2 Different Context Meaning beautiful women.}
Guy:Woah Que Mami.

{Example 3. Use with children}
Mother:Mami how was school today?
Daughter: It was Good

In this section of my site I am sending some Love and Positive vibes to Mami's all over the world who are doing their thing be it in the work place at home or in their communities or other organizations.  I Want to Let these wonderful Women know that they are doing a great job and to keep up the Great Work!  So If You know an Exceptional Mami that you would like to acknowledge feel free to send me some info and a picture so that I can send her a very special SHOUT OUT!

Thanks And Enjoy!