This is a free ebook dealing with the esoteric anatomy of the body.  Just as we have the macrocosm or the universe with that we look @ through a telescope there is also the inner-verse or the microcosm. This online manual lays out the working of our inner-verse.  You can find it here for free: The Macrocosm Within.

This is all a part of the holistic approach to healing.  Holistic health takes into account all aspects of ones being, physical, spiritual, mental, and places emphasis on working towards a balanced lifestyle.  Holistic, also
spelled "wholistic", healing approaches all aspects of the individual, versus focusing solely on the physical aspect of a person.  The root of the ailment is found instead of the traditional medicine practice of treating the symptoms.

Overall this book does a good job of introducing you to chakras, and other spiritual/metaphysical aspects of our being that can help you on your journey towards healthier, happier living!

Diamond V


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