But you can tell she really just wanted to get down. Even though she said she couldn't fully participate because she didn't know all the dance moves to Beyonce's routine, created to be part of the First Lady's "Let's Move" initiative, you can tell Michelle Obama totally wants to be set free from the constraints of "polite society" and break it down. Lose all control, in fact. Get mad stoopid with it. Not give an "F," and such.

But she cannot break it down. SOCIETY WON'T LET HER! :(

So she just does the moves, starting to make the "serious face" my sisters and I would make before trying to pull off some Janet Jackson-esque move, but then remembers a camera is on her, holds back and smiles. LET THE WOMAN BE FREE! I want to see Michelle Obama put her ALL in to a Running Man! For I know, that woman can probably do a Running Man that would change your life. Also, give her some time to practice it, I bet her Dougie would be flawless. FLAWLESS.

From ABC News:

While visiting the Alice Deal Middle School in Washington, DC Mrs. Obama watched students
perform the dance routine choreographed by Beyonce for Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign.  The video, called a “Let's Move Flash Workout,” to Beyonce’s Move Your Body” aims to get kids moving, in an attempt to curb childhood obesity.
“BeyoncĂ© is one of my favorite performers on the planet.  And when she agreed to remake her video and do this "Let's Move" flash workout, I was so excited, because this is what we’ve been talking about -- that exercise and moving can be fun,” Mrs. Obama said, “It’s about dancing, it’s about moving.”


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