I will like to shout out My Best friend of 20 years Bobbie Griffin.

  We go way back like pig tails and lunch sacks for real.

She is a wonderful mother and friend.  Ever since the 2nd grade the universe just kept us together no matter how far away we moved or different life paths we chose we always find each other and that have amazed me to this day and I know that God have had planes for us as Friends to help each other and be there for one another in this life.    We have grown so much from little girls to Moms even being pregnant and having babies around the same times. She is a Beautiful and Strong person and focuses on her goals until they are reached.  Completed high school, college and going back for More!  She is always looking to advance educationally and I am proud of her new spiritual path of focus and positivity. Keep up the good work.  You are a great role model for you children and other women all over the world.


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