This shout out goes to my aunt (Titi)Sandra B Elliott

Ever since I can remember she was always there in my life showing me how to be cool.  I always use to watch her get ready to go out with her friends when I was very little and I use to act and want to be just like her.

  Today she is a Wonderful and Ideal Wife and Mother of 3 hansom and smart boys.

Smart, Committed, and strong willed she has accomplished a lot in her life.  She has focused on health and weight loss and have made a remarcable difference in her life as well as other peoples lives. Many have witnessed her miraculous accomplishments.

  She also inspired me to get on a ball and shed my baby lbs and put forth the energy of looking and feeling Great!  For that I thank You Titi!  You Go Girl...Keep up all the Good work.


  1. Awww!! Titi you need to put me own. I'm trying to shed some 4 year old baby fat!! Lol..

  2. Lol She do it with exercise! She has a daily work out routine that she dedicates each morning to and it works!

  3. thanks cilla, i just saw my little profile you put up for me got me in tears tears tears.. love you!!

  4. I Love You to that's why I had to shout you out! Keep doing your thing Girl!