Is your HD t.v. making your children misbehave?   Well we all should know the affects of to much television but now it's in High Definition  uh oh....   What exactly does that mean?   If something isn't good you  in the first place then you amplify or increase its power levels what do you think the effects will be on your family?  

Mostly on your children that are watching it more then any one else and are extremely influenced by every thing around them.  I know some of you are like what are you talking about the t.v. is harmless and my children aren't influenced by any thing they see or watch on t.v.. To you I say... Shut up you sound like a fool...lol

 Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business     Just-released government statistics confirm that ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) is more prevalent than ever before, increasing over the past decade from 6.9% to 9% among children ages 5 to 17.  With nearly 1 in 10 kids being diagnosed with ADHD, and more adults learning they have it, too, it's become commonplace to blame it for everything from bad behavior to a messy house.

With this information and scientific study on the behavior disorder what conclusions can we make  as a whole? That the problem is all around us in almost every families house hold and it do not only affect a certain race,culture or class it is world wide and is found in all ages.  So what is the one thing that covers all of these grounds?  The Television!  The television is in billions of homes all over the world it do not matter  the culture, age, color, educational level ect  every one is exposed and influenced by what ever is coming out of that box.

city dwellers
Old school TV's wasn't good enough...

city dwellers
Television even on your cell phone!

TV's Are bigger and better then ever...


  1. This result is outstanding. Could it be because many really have the said condition or could it because there are more misdiagnoses that are made recently? I have heard that there are situations that misdiagnoses happen and it is very sad in part of those kids and teens that are misdiagnosed for ADHD. All I know is that ADHD can be treated through treatment programs either having chemical medicines or organic medicines.