Coelho Sabido (Reader Rabbit) Learning made fun

Coelho Sabido ( Reader Rabbit) Is really great for early childhood education.  This is an awesome tool for families with young children.  I have found these videos online and they have them available in all languages.  It is a very good learning tool and can even help your children pick up on a foreign language.

Children are really quick learners to take advantage of this you have to provide fun and interesting learning activities and repeat repeat repeat....the lessons frequently until it is embedded in to the child/children mind.  This is best done by video games and cartoons.

As a responsible parent it is important to pay attention to the child's progress and be involved in the activities and programing that you have chosen for your children to to exposed to.  Do not forget your children love and depend on you more than you realize sometimes so embrace together time and enjoy the opportunity to teach and learn with them.  I definitely recommend this to all the urban moms.



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