2012 has been wonderful for us here in Brazil and I expect it to get even better.

The family is doing marvelous the children are growing up so fast and are brilliantly advancing spiritually as well as academically.  My husband and I are so proud of them they really make us stay in this game called life.   To WIN of course!

With the children getting older we can now have more fun and start planning big trips around Brazil, Hawaii, and other Islands along the way.  My dreams are BIG and pursuing them makes life amazing.  Just being able to say I been there and done that makes me smile and it gives me joy to look back on my accomplishments.

That is the power to my purpose whether I accomplish all my goals or not I still make new ones quite often and believe that one way or another all my desires will be met.  That is pretty important in following the universal life laws to a full and happy life.  Looking back at the past 28 years of my life no one would have ever guessed that I would have chosen this path for myself.

I use to say that I was never going to have children after being stuck tacking care of my younger siblings when I wanted to hang out with my friends as a teenager... lol.  And it will be 10 years in August of being happily married.  I give thanks for that. :)  I am happy to be an example of young love and family.

I also like to encourage everyone reading this to dream Big and Create their worlds and Build their own realities because thats what living life is all about.  Peace and Blessings!


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