Hello every one sorry it took so long before posting but I have been crazy busy.

Not to worry I will be filling you in on all of the things we have been up to.
We are still in beautiful Salvador, Bahia Brazil.  We recently moved from a neighborhood called Amaralina to Jardim de Alah. We absolutely love it here but we are in a condo apartment and are surrounded by neighbors...

Being an educated American I hired some help and created schedules for the children and their Nanny's  so that our day's can run smooth and fun.  Here are some pictures of the children playing with their food.  Literally lol  We cut up some apples and bananas gave every one a cup of granola, raises, nuts and a spoon of organic peanut butter and jelly.  It was fun and yummy! 

The children made all sorts of things from fruit animals to people.  This kept them busy and quiet and the best part about it was the mess was all edible.   lol  


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