Whats New | Baby No. 5

Now that I'm pregnant with baby #5 I have been inspired to start writing a new book.  This book will be all about my experience being pregnant all 5 times.  My aim is to help soon to be mom's and new mom's by sharing my story.  Some times I look around at all these beautiful little people in m house and feel like "WOW" I cant believe they all came out of me.   The whole process of pregnancy, labor and delivery is amazing and I believe every women should share that story with other women.  Every pregnancy is different and each one has some unique and powerful information that can help a new or soon to be mom. I am happy to be living in the Information age where I am able to give and receive information.

This was the test that confirmed the arrival of the new baby!  I was in denial  for about 1 month before I took a test. 

Having another baby changes everything......I have a lot to think about like do I want to have another baby in Brazil or should we go home to have baby # 5? It's been almost 5 years since we have been back to the states.  My four children aren't all babies anymore and they are growing up with a new and wonderful experience but they do not know our family back home.   We are definitely thinking hard about this next step in life.  


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