@ the Franklin Park Conservatory & Botanical Gardens
Change of life.

 Since arriving back in the U.S.A after living in Bahia Brazil for almost 4 years my family and I have done 3 life times worth of living.  We found a nice place in the suburbs of Columbus, OH. We got our children in top schools that are helping them with the dramatic change from growing up and studying  in a foreign country,

We welcomed our newest addition to the family on February 27,2013.  "Our Buckeye baby"

We bought one of the best cars in the world for a family of 7. Ford Freestyle 3 row 7 passenger suv. And yes we did have to go through the whole process with getting our drivers license all over again and everything. I really felt like a teenager having to take the drivers as well as the written part of the test to receive our Ohio State drivers license.

 We also placed all four of our other children in all kinds of extra curricular activities,camps as well as participated in many local events.

The girls are in ballet class, right here in Canal Winchester.  They are loving it so far.  Their dance school is so close to our house that we can walk to class.

It's called Studio C, check it out

Our four oldest are playing soccer for Upward.  They are having a great time!  It's a pretty cool faith-based organization.  They have multiple sports leagues.  Check them out

 W have had a wonderful 9 months back in the States. We are truly blessed to have had all of these amazing adventures and I am looking so forward in our new journeys to come.

With our children growing and learning so many new things as they find their way and passions in life. I cant help but to share my joys and gratitude with the universe.

Thank you for allowing me to share this awesome information with you!


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