Taking the Girls to Ballet Class

Some footage of the girls at ballet class.  I just want to share some of the things we do to show a positive way to stay active and raise our families.

 It's really important to have your children involved in extra curricular activities.  It helps them find positive outlets to express themselves, get exercise, and also socialize with kids their age that are active as well.  The last part is really important because kids that don't have anything to do will find bulls#@! to get into like sex, drugs, and all other forms of delinquent activity.

We have 5 children (3 girls, 2 boys).  One of our rules is to make sure everyone stays active.  Everyone plays soccer, except for our baby.  The boys play basketball and the girls take dance class and will probably start cheerleading this year.

They usually have something else going on in addition to that stuff as well.

We live right next to the girl's dance school.

They go twice a week.

All of the girls head to dance class together.  Our baby just sits and watches.

She can't wait to get started though.  I can tell.

Nani's class is longer than her younger sister so she patiently waits for her turn.

Nani does her thing.

Then S'zion comes in and takes over.  She really loves ballet.


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