"Snow Days" What do you do with the children on snow days?

how the kis look when you tell them to go play in the snow
Today the children are out of school because of the freezing cold and the crazy snow fall over night.  They are happy and I'm like oh come on.. Because I now have to be the party planner for the day!

So we are doing fun things indoors today.  You know movies, video games,cooking yummy treats, and board games.  My children do not like to play out in the cold snow.  I guess it's because they are from Brazil where it was always worm.  When their friends come to the door to ask if they are going to come out to play they be like are you crazy...lol I think it's so funny.  I am from New York and I loved going out to play in the snow as a child. 
the are not going out unless it's in the car. lol
 We always spend around 1 hour on school work as well..Math and Reading so that they can stay on the learning path!

How it looks outside..Beautiful!
So what do you do with your children on snow days?