Pretty straightforward stuff...Its not really that difficult to figure out what's bother baby if you pay attention.   One thing that was not mentioned on this list is that sometimes your baby just wants your attention.

What Makes a Newborn Baby Fussy?

Newborns cry to communicate thier needs.
Newborns cry to communicate thier needs.
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New parents often want to know what makes a newborn baby fussy. Because newborns do not have developed language skills, babies fuss and cry to alert someone of an issue that needs tending to. Newborns may seem irritable or angry because of their fussing, but chances are, your baby needs something from you, and crying is the only way he can tell you.


  1. A baby ingests a lot of air when drinking from a breast or bottle. This leads to intestinal gas bubbles that are uncomfortable or painful. If you notice your baby pulling her legs up near her tummy or straining to pass gas, gently massage her tummy or try to burp her.
  2. Hungry

  3. A fussy baby might be hungry.
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    A fussy baby might be hungry.
    Your baby has a very small stomach and begins his life on a liquid diet. He quickly digests breast milk and baby formula, leaving him hungry after just a few hours. You need to feed him every two to four hours. If he gets hungry between regular feedings, he may fuss.
  4. Hot/Col

  5. Dress a baby in one more layer than you wear.
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    Dress a baby in one more layer than you wear.
    Infants are a lot like adults. Most do not like to be too hot or too cold. Because your newborn cannot take off her sweater or cover with a blanket, she will fuss to let you know she is not comfortable. A good rule to follow when dressing your baby is to dress her the way your dressed yourself, adding one layer, like an undershirt.
  6. Tired

  7. Some newborns fuss before falling asleep.
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    Some newborns fuss before falling asleep.
    Though some newborn babies have no problem falling asleep, your baby may need a little assistance. He might fuss when he is tired, indicating he needs to lie down or needs you to rock or nurse him before he can comfortably fall asleep.
  8. Dirty Diaper

  9. Just like you, when your baby is wet and messy, she is cranky. Your newborn will likely wet her diaper eight to 12 times a day. Breastfed newborns may have a bowel movement after each feeding, at least for the first few weeks, and formula-fed babies typically have four to five bowel movements each day. Your baby will probably let you know if her diaper needs to be changed, but it is still a good idea to check after each feeding and before and after each nap.
  10. Considerations

  11. Your baby may cry because he is sick or injured. He can also sense when someone is tense, angry or frustrated. He may react by crying. Sometimes newborns fuss because they are lonely or want you to hold them. Newborns fuss to communicate their needs and wants.

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