Check these parenting tips out. Sibling Rivalry Cure: Giggles??? Posted By Blaise Ryan on September 28, 2010  Using “Natural Giggles” to...

Check these parenting tips out.

Sibling Rivalry Cure: Giggles???

Posted By Blaise Ryan on September 28, 2010 

Using “Natural Giggles” to help with sibling rivalry

Excerpt from page 58 in The Happy Child Guide – 4th Expanded Edition.

After you have grown comfortable using “Natural Giggles” with one child and understand the principles, you can provide this kind of play to two of your children at the same time. One of the benefits in providing “Natural Giggles” to two children at a time is that it is a very effective way to help children work through sibling rivalry.

When your children are together in the course of play (perhaps this is during scheduled “Listening Time”), they may invite you to take the less competent role in the play.  If they don’t make a direct invitation, you may look for the moment in the play where you can take the less competent role in a light way – looking to see if they begin to giggle. If the giggles begin, repeat and continue the play with your two children.

You practice it in a similar way to how “Natural Giggles” works with one child: you take the less competent role in a light tone of voice, giving your children the upper hand in the play, enjoying giggling and laughing.
Now, with two children (or more, even), rivaling YOU (as opposed to each other), you again take the less competent role, letting them have loads of fun as they enjoy this sense of communion with each other in an intimate and light-hearted way.

Examples of what you can do together:

1. Allow them to hide from you while you can’t find either of them. Perhaps they help each other out while they hide together or separately.

2. They keep the ball from you as they throw it back and forth, and you can’t quite catch up with them, nor get the ball from them. All the time you want to exaggerate your ineptness in a light, clown-like way.

3. They both want you to run after them, but you can’t quite keep up with them. Then you fall down in a lightly exaggerated fashion as they continue to get away from you.

Your two children will love this play together as they both laugh and giggle at the sheer fun of this light connective play. It will increase their bond as siblings and, since the play increases their individual feelings that “life is good,” you’ll see an overall new and improved bond and democratic attitude.

Often when this play is repeated consistently, siblings will begin to naturally support each other in generous, surprising and considerate ways. As long as you, as the parent, provide the example of this attitude, your children will follow when they feel a strong sense of connection.

Using “Natural Giggles” with your two children can be transformational for their relationship with each other and within the family.
The Happy Child Guide is an easy to use step-by-step guide on how to overcome challenging behaviors in children, while fostering their natural intelligence and cooperation.

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