I do not let my children tell me what they are not going to eat.  We eat a vegetarian based diet with the exception of fish and chicken but only some times.  

It's Great they eat fruits and vegetables raw as well as cooked!

this is some thing we tried and it came out great.  Its a chick pea and soy burger topped with cold slaw with a side of fried plantains.  Don't worry I am putting together a cook book it will be fun and easy for the whole family!

This is a great meal for the little ones! this is what I make for my 1 1/2 year old  beans made with tomatoes and smashed pumpkin!
When we eat out we still apply our healthy diet!
when we go to Habbibs this is a favorite spinach pizzas and hummus kibe's! 



  1. aww you're an amaaaaazing mom!!! and I really am going to start "putting my feet down" when it comes to my kids and their meals, but that is so hard when there are outside influences (other family members that pick them up from school, etc and feed them mcdonalds):( grr