OMG Disgusting  nits ... the enemy of parent the world over.  For such little critters they wreak havoc on entire households!  They are...

OMG Disgusting  nits ... the enemy of parent the world over.  For such little critters they wreak havoc on entire households!  They are like a small bug, have six very strong legs (good for hanging onto their new meal) and use a "gummy" substance to attach their eggs to
the root shaft of the hair or hair follicles. 
Eggs are an oval shape, and whitish to yellow color (often said they resemble a grain of sand or fleck of dandruff) will be found behind the ears and in the nape of the neck, and once hatched they will party anywhere on the head they can find a warm spot with blood to live on. 
You would think If you find your child has head lice, or eggs, notify their school or day care center, and the parents of any children who have been in close contact with them immediately.  Being responsible about it helps prevent it taking on plague like proportions!  But that is not the case here in Brazil.  I never had anything like this ever in my life and honestly I dint know anyone who had hair bugs growing up in the African American communities it just isn’t common for the children to run around with head lice.    That was mostly a thing in white community.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw bugs in my children’s hair   I totally flipped because I didn’t know what to do.  They got it from school and I was shocked they go to an all Afro Brazilian school.  The question is what do African Americans do to their hair that the Afro Brazilians don’t?  After bombing the hell out of every ones hair with Kwell and a bunch of other things that didn’t work for almost six months I really started looking in to it.  I finally realized that back in the states we put Greece in our hair.  Allot of Greece.   It was so funny cause the women at the pharmacy got so used to seeing me they knew what I was coming for when I came in and I asked none of this is working how the hell do I get rid of the bugs…lol and I noticed they scratching their heads saying you just have to wash with kwell and comb the bugs out and one of the ladies said I have them now and I have to use kwell once a week.  I was like hell naw.  I have 4 kids and that stuff is expensive.  So I got some friends and family to send us some good old fashion Vaseline and I washed every ones hair with alcohol and shampoo then when it dried greased the scalp with Vaseline and braided it up and low and behold it took about 2 weeks of this and the bugs disappeared.  After the bugs have gone I didn’t use the alcohol any more but I still use the grease.  I told everyone at the school to grease and oil the children’s hair and they say ok and yes but they don’t and they are still full of bugs and my children are still bug free till this day.  

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  1. True story!
    I didn't even know black folks got hair bugs until we moved to Brazil!

  2. oh wow, what an interesting story and good to know about the head lice (is it ok to call it that?) in Brazil... i swear im itching my head right now, haha, but seriously thank you for the tips!!!! xoxo


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