How we maintain and style our hair

Seanna is angry after I washed and blow dried her hair lol
We all have our bad hair days but hair is such a big deal in my house because I have 3 daughters.  All three of them absolutely hate getting their hair combed.  And yes they get it honestly, because I don't like combing out my hair either.  I have noticed that the less we do to our hair the more it grows.  Hear are my 3 girls and I.  We all have really long and thick hair.  I usually wash our hair about 4 to 6 times a month.  That's once a week or every other week depending on how dirty our hair gets.

S'zion is being a big girl but she is the most tender headed of all
 I keep our hair moisturized with hair creams or butters and oils.  My favorite oils are Moroccan Aragon oli, Shea oil, black Haitian castor oil, and Almond oil.  What I do is mix all the oils in the palm of my hand and use my finger tips to rub them through the scalp. 

S'nai is the oldest so she pretty much goes with the flow but she has the most hair of all
Then I either braid or flat iron our hair. 

Below is our youngest son.  His hair was really long when we came to Columbus from Brazil 3 years ago.  And we love trying new styles with him.  He has such beautiful hair. 

Shakari is getting his hair twisted with the sponge.  It's pretty cool.

I'll have to make a whole new post about that!