Family Stress, how I deal with it and ways I stop stress from turning in to depression. Being a young mother of four can get a little ...

 Family Stress, how I deal with it and ways I stop stress from turning in to depression.

Being a young mother of four can get a little crazy at times.  My children are very smart and loving they warm the hearts of every one that meets them. But sometimes life can get really stressful. They range from age 9 to age 2 and at the end of the day they are young and need a lot all the time. 

Some people cannot imagine being alone with one child so I know caring for 4 children would seem like something from out of this world.  Like a star wars movie packed with none stop action and craziness. Lol Yes and again there are four of them, so we have our ups and downs and no matter what being a good responsible parent it can get a bit stressful.  

 Children today are a whole lot different than children were back in the 40’s and 50’s.  I was born in the 80’s and I can see how children of today’s society differ from the children of my generation.  Children born in the 2,000’s are charged with a different kind of energy

  they are extremely intelligent and being exposed to so much due to technology they think that they know more or as much as anyone else dose about everything.  They fight and argue they have strong wills and want things their way all the time and  depending on how the parents deal with this kind of behaviors this leads to tantrums, nerves habits, bad sleeping patterns,  and very stressed out parents. 
I have learned to deal with the stressful situations by simple reverse psychology techniques.  For example my girls were fighting for a toy that my oldest daughter had and it turned in to a screaming, kicking, and name calling war.  So I stepped in and told my oldest girl  to go get my baby girls favorite doll and play with it then offer it to her in exchange for the toy that they were fighting for she did it and it worked and the fight turned in to a peaceful treaty.   

It’s cool when simple solutions work for simple problems.  But things don’t always go this smoothly mostly because there are more of them then there is me. lol So what to do when there are multiple wars going on all over the house and I’m busy cooking or cleaning or trying to get some work done.  That’s when I have to get the big guns.  Lol yes every mom need a secret weapon.  I automatically take everything away and redistribute the goods or services evenly throughout the company LOL…    and line the children up on the wall and ask them questions that they must answer like what’s their names, age short term and long term goals in life.  What are they here on this planet to do ect.  It’s very funny but the idea is to redirect the negative energy in to a positive fun time with mom and after every ones turn we clap and hug and say how wonderful all their answers were.  It is extremely therapeutic for the children and the parents.  Then I send them off to play it usually lighten things up and if that doesn’t work well we also offer  spankings on the house and that usually get every ones attention and have them on their best behavior. 

I have found things that help stay ahead of the stress curb.  Simple things like getting a good night’s sleep, eating right, and stay clear of distractions focus on your short term and long term goals.  Basically walk the road with less resistance for your life.  I play music loudly and we all dance for a few songs, I make treats and let the children help like fruit smoothies, cakes, let each child pick what we would have for dinner ect its very important to think light and fun when dealing with kids because when they are happy it really makes life a lot easier to live and maintain.  

We as parents must learn to control our stress levels and emotions so that we don’t cause our children to suffer from the same things.  Stress has been proven to cause many other health problems and disease.  I recommend you find an outlet and use it on a regular basis!


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