MAMI OF THE WEEK SHOUT OUTS This shout out goes out to my Sister in Love and Conscientio...

                                              MAMI OF THE WEEK SHOUT OUTS

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This shout out goes out to my Sister in Love and Conscientiousness 
EmpressAzalee Rayn JordanEl

           I have known her for just a few years and I am truthfully thankful for her creative and worm motherly presence.   Her positive and energetic spirit shows that love is always the best way to go.  She is always sharing wonderful information about uplifting humanity  and prosperity a real artist indeed.  She is very crafty.   Skillful  in art, and music  just to name a few of her wonderful skills.  You can click on the links below to see some of her works! 

Peace Sister Azalee Keep doing  a wonderful job all your hard work is and will always pay off!                

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  1. I am grateful and humble. Since our first en-counter via conference calls and emails, I knew that you were part of my soul/group. So very glad that we found each other when we did. You have been a shining LIGHT in my days n nights. I appreciate the love and the support, cuz that's what we do up in here, WE LOVE N WE SUPPORT!! I so look forward to being released from the many cosmic tasks I have agreed too, so that I can finally come home and celebrate with my family. Bahia baby!!

  2. Yes indeed Sista! You keep up all the wonderful work and we are always here! Thank you so much for all the love and support throughout the years you and others like you keep us inspiered to do great things. Peace and love!


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