What exactly am I doing in Brazil?

Every one always asks me what do I do here in Brazil...The real question is what do I not do here in Brazil.  lol I am a very bu...

mami boriquas

Every one always asks me what do I do here in Brazil...The real question is what do I not do here in Brazil.  lol I am a very busy person and on top of having a big beautiful family and a house hold to keep in order. I also manage to do so much more with the help of my  loving husband. here are just a few things that I am currently working on.

Learn to master your self and control your destiny!
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This is a self help e book that my husband and I created to help and encourage others to rise and shine. It's all about tapping into the greatness within. With motivation and focus we help people reach goals and desires that they never thought possible.

This is an amazing investment in your self that every one should make time for.

Living here in a 85% Afro Brazilian city we have learned so much. Geography, culture, language, and food Brazil has so much to offer. www.mooraboutbahia.com
Bahia Brazil is the home of candomble, acaraje, and capoiera ohh and some of the most beautiful people in the world inside and out that's why we created Bahia Tours.

We couldn't believe the richness and beauty of Bahia and we wanted to share it with the world our own way. visit www.bahiabraziltours.com and experience paradise through the eyes of local Brazilians it is extremely inspirational.

Also check out www.mooraboutbahia.com for unlimited information about Bahia Brazil. we cover everything from culture to business and investing. We are knowledgeable about the subjects being that we been living and doing business here for almost 4 years now successfully. We gained permanent investors visas in 2008 and we had a Brazilian child in 2009. We have met a lot of cool people and great connections to help make a lot of things happen.

I am also responsible for creating the 144,000 movement. My husband and I were living in and doing business as well as studying Business and communications in Memphis, TN when we started coming into a higher level of conscious thinking.

We were inspired to learn more about world history, health, and spirituality. Then my mother past away and we had our 3rd child and got inspired to travel and live a new life. We did a lot of research and decided Brazil was going to be our new home. So we did the mind work preparing our selves for the change. We put up pictures of beautiful places that we wanted to see and started Portuguese language lessens all while doing the research and finding the people online that could help us reach our goal.

Within a year we were ready so we got rid of all of our belongings via yard sale and donating. Then we packed up our car and headed to Miami, FL. We stopped in North Carolina on the way for a few weeks and made it to Miami by mid September 2007. Here we started getting real heavy into the metaphysical aspects of things and decided to share our knowledge on the internet world/world wide web. The outcome was astonishing.

We had reached and helped so many people all over the world and learned a lot by doing so. The videos that we created addressed current world events as well as the growing problems in the black communities all over the world but concentrated on the black community. Our works went far and wide and is still reaching all kinds of people. We kept it up for a whole year and in July of 2008 we finally took that giant leap into our dream and visions of Bahia Brazil.  That's how the 144,000 movement was created in the mist of all the K-OZZZZ came forth a beautiful outlet for knowledge growth and wisdom.

 www.tha144000.com was created to educate and stimulate the mind of the ones searching for truth...I can honestly say we have done a great job!
Lords of the 7Cs | Tha 144000 check it out. 

Mami knows best.  That name actually came from my husband.  I didn't like it at first probably because he use to say it out loud being sarcastically when ever I would offer my expertise in any situation lol.

I love it now it really grew on me.  This site started out as just a blog for us to post pictures and all the cool fun things that we were doing and learning with the children for our friends and family to see.  It soon became a hobby for me to post different articles  about all kinds of things from natural herbs and medicines to cool cartoons and home schooling tips and tools.

It can get real crazy being young parents of 4 living in a foreign  country.  I give thanks every day that we are blessed with every thing and every one that we need no matter what issues arise in our lives.  With that I want to say that education starts at home with Love! Come and join me on my parenting journey in a new country with 4 really interesting kids. Visit www.mamiknowsbest.com and become part of the family by joining the site I love meeting new people and sharing information that's good for the whole family.  

After our 4th baby was born here in Bahia Brazil I realized that the need for English was growing rapidly in the Brazilian population so I started having private home classes with just a couple of students  than through word of mouth i started getting more and more phone calls asking about classes.

I didn't have the room or the time at home to conduct this type of business so I thought about opening up a small school but that took lots of money.  Then in the next two weeks my husband had a friend over that said he had a small English school and that he couldn't do anything with it and that he was not good at teaching English and he pretty much made a deal for me to take it over.  Now this was right after we wrote The 40 Day Master System.

It's all about creating goods and services to make people and placed better.   We have learned this and as long as we stick to it in time all of our efforts will become extremely lucrative. 
 And this is just the beginning I have some great new dreams and visions that I will pursue in the near future.  I will continue working and perfecting what I have already materialized till they become self sufficient  and  than go to the next levels of my life's journeys.

Peace and Endless Blessings this 2012 New Year!

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