About Me


I guess this is where I introduce myself and explain what the blog is about.  First I'll start with the name of the blog, Mami (me) Knows Best.  I have my husband to thank for that.

He coined that phrase because I'm a mother, Puerto Rican, and according to him I act as if I know everything, lol.  Although he won't admit it, I think he secretly knows that I do in fact know best in most situations.  He's my biggest admirer.

I have five children.  All with the same man, my husband and best bud.  We love to travel and have fun together, whether it's just me and him or the whole gang.  We will be making a blog about our travel adventures soon, complete with videos.

We are very active.  All of our children play soccer, our girls do ballet and dance, and our boys play basketball.

I am getting my degree in massage therapy and my husband gets paid off the internet.

I am originally from Brooklyn but have lived all over the United States.  Currently loving life in the great Midwest.

We just moved back to the US after living overseas in Brazil for 4 1/2 years so I'm sure that experience will influence a lot of my posts.

We are healthy, wealthy, and happy.  We are so blessed and I am glad that I can share my experience with you.

Well there you have it.

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