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“I AM" Daily Workout

1. “I want to say I Love me!   I would like to give thanks and Gratitude to Me for being my vehicle as I live in my day s and nights.  I can always rely on me to receive and create what I want and need.  Walking up and standing strong.  Seeing Beauty, Feeling Joy, hearing an important message or a wonderful song, Smelling Beautiful blends and sweet scented aromas,  and most important of all Being the source and temple of my Spirit.  Every day.  I Say Thank you Self for working with Me and for Me from the day that I was born to the day that I lay down to rest from this life and move on to the next”.

2.  “Love, Forgive and Forget!  No matter what We are going through what We are experiencing in life our job is to understand that we are facing these circumstances from our own source of energy that we have put out.  It is us reflecting what we feel inside and it is manifesting in the physical world around us.  With that We must first Love Thy self-see it for what it is even if you don’t understand at the time.  You don’t even have to agree just understand enough to LOVE then Forgive yourself for letting these things distract you and Forget about it.  Put it on a cloud and send it floating off then you can start off New and Focused once again”!

3. “Being our own best friend Is very important.  This allows us to not only love Thy Self but Know Thy self as well.  When we learn how important it is to know who we are inside and out We will then see the Wonderfulness and Importance of 1. Giving Thanks to Self and 2. Loving, Forgiving, and Forgetting.  We Have to be focused and practice these rituals every day until we have mastered the Art of Living and controlling our emotions. 

4. “Once we Find is easy to Love Thy self and Know thy self then we can pull forwards our strengths.  Our core our support our Will and Drive.  WE can Put our best foot forwards and look every opportunity straight in the eyes, take confident deep breaths  and clear focused thoughts and Talk Act and Do anything and everything that we are here to do!  With Satisfaction and Excellence of course”!

5. “Now That we have created our new selves You can be the best You that You are.  Be The Best  You that you are is the most righteous and wealthy way in life filled with Love Peace fulfillment purpose and abundance.”

Now lets get it in!

Here is my Favorite 5 minuet cardiovascular work out that helps me jump start my day

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