This post is all about hair.  From washing your children hair,  to combing and styling  it.  With four of my own and a busy schedule I find it easier  to bread there hair up for the week so I pick a day on the weekend and get them out the way one at a time.

Step 1.  Washing
My children have very thick curly bushy hair so I have to take care and be time officiant when doing their hair.  I find a wide tooth comb helps a great deal.  Yes the bigger the better.


ok so what I do is while they are in the shower I shampoo the hair then comb it through while wet and shampooed.  With a big wide tooth comb.   I find this the best way.   Fast and easy are the best ways for me and my children on hair combing day.  lol  NOw after you get all the tangles out you rinse and condition if you choose.  I use an all natural coconut soap made here in the state of Bahia, of Salvador Brazil.  It is very hot here so we do not blow dry but for those of you who do it is best to use a blow dryer with a comb attached.

these are wonderful to use and it helps to keep the hair free from tangles while getting dried.  To make it more efficient just part the hair in four or six sections

  The combs with the long pointed tails does really good jobs parting the hair.  Be sure to after drying the hair to put a nice grease or oil on the hair and scalp.  Oil's are wonder full they add shine prevent split damaged ends.  And it keeps the bugs out.

    here's some great ones!!

 NOw that we have covered washing combing drying and oiling now we can move on to the next step.

Step 2.  Styling and/ or Braiding.

here are some pictures of how I styled and breaded my children' s hair.

This is very nice and simple in the front I put 3 pony tails twisted and rolled up in to knots.  and I used the pointy tail comb to make the zigzag  parts.  In the middle I put 1 big pony tail and made 3 double stranded twist.  and the back I made a part in the middle to make 2 pony tails and put 1 double stranded twist per pony tail.  time about 20 minutes. 

 My 8 year old has a fade on the sides and back so all I have to braid is the top I make a horizontal part across his head and corn roll the front to the middle and the middle to the back.  Very quick easy and simple. 
Here I did simple corn rolls to the back and one coming down from the front.  she is only 1 years old so I usually have to give her a ton of great treats to eat to keep her busy while I bread her hair.  LOL It's written all over her face!

With my 4 year old son I did the same thing as I did with my 8 year old son hail a horizontal part across the middle and corn rolled form the front to the middle and the middle to the back. 

And this is my hair.  I made a horizontal part across the front of my head and zigzagged corn rolls to the middle and I can style the back how ever I feel I can wet it and have it curly and frizzy as on the picture. or I can put it up in a bun/bee hive.  I can also flat iron it and use the curling iron to bump under the ends.  I can Put it in a pony tail...ect the styles are endless.!  

Also you can add all kinds of beautiful beads and other accessories to the hair to jazz up styles as well.  Here are some of my favorites.



That's all for now.   Hope you enjoyed the hair tips and I would  love to here some of your hair stories and tips as well!  Thanks!


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